Tips for Airline Travel with Children {Guest Post by Michelle of Falafel and the Bee!}

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My Michelle. She is a most wonderful woman. Creative. Funny. Highly allergic.

I met Michelle probably close to two hands worth of fingers ago. She has become a very dear friend. Out youngests have forged a very sweet relationship.

the youngests

Our youngests… during one of their first playdates. I remember this day like it was yesterday…

I wanted to share Michelle of Falafel and the Bee with you today because I think she is very clever. She is a gifted sewer-person, she takes lovely pictures and shares motherhood and creative life so lovely-like. I adore her blog not just because I know her in real life, but I love her style and use of photography. Her stories add loveliness to my life and leave me feeling inspired. Plus I love to see what she is cooking (sewing) up.

a doll for LucyShe made this for Lucy for her birthday this year. You can read about it in her post Birthday Dolly.

I am amazed by all that she does… This woman – one of the kindest, most tender women one will ever be blessed to meet. But don’t think she’s a wiltling lilly… Naw. She’s was raised in Jersey, so… she’s got an edge! Which – actually – just makes me giggle a whole lot.

It’s all yours, Michelle… Thank you for being here *blowing kisses*…


Thank you Jenny for having me here today! I love reading JOTS (and the woman herself) because she is always good for a giggle and some glitter and oh so much more!

While Jenny leaves all of us pasty cold people back here in the PNW to go somewhere warm and sunny, I thought I would turn my thoughts to travel (a girl can dream can’t she?) and share my travel (with children) tips with you!

Tips for Airline Travel with Children.

Let's fly away!!!

I always pack my girls’ backpacks and do not let them see them until we arrive at the airport. That way everything is brand new (even if it isn’t).

  • Activity books, blank pads, stickers and crayons all help little hands keep busy.
  • Hole punches in different shapes. Seriously great idea! My little one not only was kept busy on our last trip by punching little cats and suns out of paper, but then spent another 30 minutes playing with them. Priceless.hole punches
  • Snacks Are Good. Repeat this with me. SNACKS ARE GOOD! I don’t even care if they eat an entire week’s supply of granola on the plane in one hour, if that hour is quiet and happy! Desperate times, people.
  • Gum (for the older children) and lollipops or crackers for the younger ones to chew on when taking off or landing. Helps with popping ears. Essential for a good time after you land as well.
  • A few surprises always help. I always pack some “gifts” for them to open on the plane. I like to put in something handmade as well. It makes them feel extra special (even for a few minutes). Those minutes add up.
  • Books to read. These are so worth their weight! Books are a must.
  • Card games. Nothing with little parts. Uno has saved us a number of times in the past, but really any of your favorites will do.
  • Some kind of electronic device(s) ( DVD player or MP3 player, etc.) I usually save these for the end of the trip when everyone is ready to go crazy. Our older daughter loves books on tape, so we put a bunch on her MP3 player to keep her occupied.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Oh yes. Plenty of it. Shouting it like a Super Hero always helps: “Time to SANITIZE!” Gets everyone excited about cleaning their hands for the millionth time (The people around you on the plane will probably mind, but that’s alright, at least you won’t be germy). *cough cough*
  • Wipes and Plastic Bags. These are more for you as your own private little Hazmat clean up kit. If there is liquid/goo/nastiness of any kind, count on it being all over your child at some point on the flight. Best to be prepared.
  • Sanity. Always pack extra. You’ll need it. Especially at that moment when for the hundredth time your little one has to go to the bathroom when the line to use such room is half the length of the plane… OR when your flight is delayed because the wings have frozen on the airplane and they don’t have de-icer in Florida, so the airline people decide it would be smart to “wait until the sun comes up to melt it”, and then you miss your connecting flight and wind up spending the next 8 hours in the Dallas airport with your children, by the end of it, literally rolling on the floor weeping, “We just waaaaant to goooooooo hooooome”. Not that it has ever happened to me *looks at can of de-icer that I carry around now*, or will happen to Jenny *crossing fingers for you girl*. Sanity. Yup. Pack a whole bunch of that.
  • Oh, I almost forgot… A good attitude. It is so hard to maintain that one in long lines and stuffy planes, but it will make a HUGE difference. Whatever you feel, casts the mood for the day.

Have a blast, Jenny! Soak up some of that Vitamin D for us!

Happy Travels!You can visit Michelle of Falafel and the Bee here! Swing by and say Hi!


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