This was going to be a Facebook status update, but it turned into a blog post.

I cut and pasted instead of posting on the FB:

Unrelated or not unrelated to my last post… some people test my strength of character. Like the part of my character where I only make fun of stupid people behind their backs. What? Like you don’t. Some people make it very hard for me to hold my tongue and not make a big-ol “I’m Totally Making Fun of Your Dumb Face Neener-Neener” vlog or something. But I’m bigger than that. Clearly. Hi Tuesday. My name is Jenny and I need an attitude adjustment… and maybe a margarita. Or 7.

The following is the status update before the above status update I never “shared because I decided to blog it instead:

Either I am highly irritable or people are incredibly stupid or I am not drinking enough coffee or I am not wearing enough glitter or people are incredibly stupid. OK. Rant done. And Tuesday… what we gonna do?

Here’s the skinny folks… the real deal about ‘ol Jenny On the Spot…

Sure, I sometimes party with shirtless firemen. With cheese slice welts.

*fans face*

But life is life, and sometimes in this life there are sparkle stealers… be they people or be they circumstance.

And then there are those that steal sparkle so profoundly, the story of their sparkle stealing would make for some great blog content… and even greater VLOG content.

But I am not about slander.

Or talking poorly about people.

At least not naming them by name… nor even describing the circumstance.


  1. It’s a small world. I don’t want anyone to key my car or start making meany-meany comments on my blog.
  2. I don’t want to be a sparkle stealer. “Do unto others…”
  3. In the spirit of keeping it real, #2 should be #1 but IĀ  SO much struggle with being nice this moment, the external consequence is a MUCH bigger influence in my effort at being non-specific in this moment.
  4. And whathaveyou

So… I WILL admit that at times I having feelings of revenge and I may rant confide in my besties in times of frustration, angst or hurt… But I will continue to refrain from speaking ill of others in the onlines. Or in general company. Like the coffee shop or at a park playdate.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I am nowhere near THAT noble.

*Remember, I don’t want anyone to key my car…. #externalconsequences

I am actually quite selfish and self-serving.

Besides, you wouldn’t even know who I am talking about. Actually, it would be probably about 6 “people”… all acting independently… vexing very different areas of my life.

Stealing sparkle. Stealing valuable Facebook status update real-estate space.

And apparently blog real-state.

But I felt I needed to tell you. I struggle. In real life, for me… being sparkly is a choice… not a default.

Gossip? Slander?


*grips chest*

Not my thing.

So. Now? I go forward on this Tuesday… a coffee in my hand. Perhaps I will make sure my angry music is loaded on my Shuffle, and maybe I’ll go for a run while the kids are in VBS this morning. Or do whatever the H-E-doublehocketsticks I want.

Or clean the house.

We are hosting the huz’s company BBQ on Friday. And my son turns 12 on Thursday. And a gum graft next Tuesday.


I mean, *SPARKLE*.

*insert choosing here*


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9 Responses to “This was going to be a Facebook status update, but it turned into a blog post.”

  1. I hope I wasn’t your sparkle stealer….. :-/ BTW – I love how you refer to rudeness as “sparkle stealing” LOVE it.

  2. Ray Colon says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Even your rants *sparkle*.

    I’m probably the least rile-able person that I know, but sometimes… Yeah, it happens to all of us. We allow our good moods to be taken down a notch by people who shouldn’t ever be given that kind of power.

    Just stay YOU, and all will be well. Ray

  3. Amanda says:

    Your sparkles are the real deal, chosen or not.

    Dazzler of a post.

  4. Allison C says:

    You are still sparkly to me. šŸ™‚

  5. That is a seriously awesome euphamism – “sparkle stealer”

    I wish I could throw water balloons at them, in your name, but without telling them who you are so your car won’t get keyed. Kind of sucks šŸ™
    Hugs to you.

  6. jennielynn says:

    You should probably call me. Soon.

  7. Michelle W says:

    Oh girl. You have people that have your back. They will get those sparkles back. Don’t make me get all Jersey. Give me a name.
    Love to you.

  8. BrassyDel says:

    This is a topic I’ve been meaning to write about this week, and Pinterest got me grumbling about it again last night! I was cruising the popular pins (under “discussions,” which is silly, because I never peeked at it there until someone told me that’s where the current/trending Pins are at!), and I kept seeing negative quotes and people pinning things just to complain about them.


    That is so not what Pinterest should be for. Don’t be a hater. Why would you find a hateful thing in a magazine, cut it out, and stick it on your inspiration wall at home? You wouldn’t. I hope. So don’t do it on Pinterest.

    Of course, now here I am complaining about how other people Pin. I think really it just makes me sad, but realistically… to each their own. Not really my place to tell anyone else how to use Pinterest, so I’ll try to shut up about it.

    All that rambling aside – good for you! Stay positive and sparkly!

  9. I can only imagine the punishment for a sparkle stealer. I hope it is dark, damp and void of any shiny or sparkly objects.

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