There's this little guy named Sergey…

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Let me go back a little. I have a friend named Meg.

I met Meg last November. In Chicago Atlanta (thanks Meg, oy… brain fart). At an intimate conference through BlogHer and Coca Cola.

We had a short period of time to get to know each other, but you know when you meet someone and there this *thing*. We had/have that.

meg & meAnd  do I ever adore Meg. I know I have shared about her before. Her blog inspires me. It is a source of peace and a good heart-laugh. Fresh air. Coffee for my heart. She takes lovely pictures (me likey pretty pictures). Her use of color inspires me to… I guess use more color too. But I am not just talking literally here… This world can be so dark… Her approach to writing and life is something in which I find blessing and hope. And I feel she has inspired lovely shoots to sprout from me.

So when Meg emailed the other day asking to help share a story… It was a no brainer. Of course. Absolutely.

There is a little boy with Down Syndrome named Sergey living in Eastern Europe. He has a family here that wants to bring him home. Time is of the essence. The following is taken from the blog of the family who is working to adopt Sergey,

We believe God is asking us to step out in faith to bring Sergey home, He has a plan so we are trusting in His provision. It’s heartbreaking that it has to cost so much because truth be told these children are living on borrowed time.  If these children are not adopted between the ages of 4 and 5 they will be sent to an adult mental institution where they will be tied to cribs to live out the remainder of their lives.  Which statistically 95% of these children will die in the very first year of being in these institutions mainly due to starvation, as well as trauma from the other adult patients and just plain loss of hope.



So. What can we do? Well, spread the word, donate – DREAM BIG!

dream big fundraiser

This family is working hard to bring this little boy home. It’s expensive. Many people have contributed prizes toward people’s contributions in the Dream Big Fundraiser… like an iPad… among MANY other lovely items. I am blown away by the community that has come together to help this family earn the money needed to bring a little boy home.

If you are able to give, just consider it. And then do it 😉

Thanks guys.


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