The TRUTH About Back-To-School

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Family & Friends, Joel, Lucy, Olivia, Parenting/Family


I guess most kids are back to school.

Except for Seattle schools, but they’ll get back soon. I’m sure.

Not that my life revolves around back to school, BUT IT DOES.

I mean, I have 3 kids.

What’s funny about back-to-school is… many parents get so excited (myself included) about it.

I mean, it’s return to ROUTINE. And for those who work (me – from home) it brings a promise of, well… if I am being completely honest… LESS GUILT.

Nothing says mom-guilt quite like being on the computer all day.

My friend Jess made a video. And my friend Amy sang the song… and it’s a goodie…

But here’s the rub.


Can I have the guilt not taking advantage of a gorgeous summer day because mommy has deliverables back please?!

Because… HOMEWORK.

In particular, FIFTH GRADE MATH homework.


Um, excuse me but I ALREADY PASSED 5TH GRADE.

The cool thing about back to school (besides a bit of a schedule – however INSANE – but a schedule nonetheless) are the first day of school pictures.

IMG_4833_blogThough this first day of school was like none other… perhaps a clue into what our year has in store… everyone had to be at school at different times.

So, being the kind-of mom that I am, I made them all get up at the same (very early) time so they wuld all be ready at the same time because DOG GONE IT I’M GONNA GET MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PICTURE.

Because their first day of school is all about me.

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