The Tooth Fairy Should Have Her Wings Pinched Off

by | May 23, 2008 | Olivia, Parenting/Family | 2 comments

The Tooth Fairy finally came last night. She He left Olivia 3 crisp ones. After 3 no-shows, he/she had some serious make-up work to do.

The Tooth Fairy should have her wings pinched off.

After the first time the Tooth Fairy didn’t show, I told Olivia it was probably a busy night for her.

Sometimes lots of children lose their teeth on the same day and there is only so much the TF can do.

The next day, I gave her one of the possible reasons my friend Lisa suggested,

…a whole kindergarten class in West Virginia lost all their teeth in one day eating popcorn balls so the tooth fairy was a bit overwhelmed…

Daddy told her the Tooth Fairy was nervous to  come too close until Olivia got her cast on – she (TF) didn’t want to accidentally bump it. That’s a good one Daddy. 

So. Olivia finally got her cast yesterday (ooh – purple!), and the Tooth Fairy finally came.

But… BUT… she left the tooth on Mommy’s bathroom counter. I guess she didn’t need that tooth to help build “her mythical and ever expanding all-white tooth castle in the sky”. Olivia said, “Hey Mom! Why did the Tooth Fairy leave my tooth here?” 

“Because she’s an idiot … I don’t know. She probably just set it down and forgot to pick it back up. I’m sure she’ll come back for it.”

Oh the lies!!!!! Surely my heart is turning pitch black for what I am doing to my children. Black, I tell you, black – the color of evil!


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