The Time I Got Kicked Off A Ferris Wheel

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I am not a huge fan of the ferris wheel.

The Time I Got Kicked Off A Ferris Wheel

But my 5 year old is.

Lucy loves the ferris wheel Lucy on the ferris wheel

Hitherhencetofore… I rode the ferris wheel yesterday.

WE on the ferris wheel

After 2 short, jumpy circles around The Wheel of Probable Death… The operator stopped the ride, lifted the metal safety-thing and said something to me… something a woman NEVER wants to hear…

I need you to get off so I can redistribute the weight.

*blink blink*

Please step to the front of the line. You’ll be next.

Two things:

  1. How is a girl supposed to read into, “Please get off our ride, your weight is an issue.”
  2. You want me to get BACK ON a ginormous unbalance wheel??? WITH MY FIVE-YEAR-OLD???!!!

Lucy and I waited at the front of the line, and the operator called another carnie to help PUSH THE WHEEL. On account of it’s weight-unbalancedness. By the way, my other two kids were STILL ON THE RIDE.

By the awesome strength of the two carnies… they pushed The Wheel as only they could. The operator then hollered to the people in line behind me,

I need two heavier people!


Oh yeah… and when I walked by that one carnival game where you are guaranteed to win a 20 cent toy for one throw that costs $5… the guy in charge of that booth tried to seduce me, “Hey! You know we even let models play!”

I am totally gonna start hanging out at more carnivals. 


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