The Rock of FAIL [video]

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SO. There’s this rock at my kids’ school.

on a rock!

This is not the rock. But it’s a rock, so…

The rock at school is the PERFECT size for climbing, sliding… and also the PERFECT size for getting in trouble. You see… this climbing rock/slide rock is placed teasingly in the welcome/front/pick-up area of the school. And if a kid climbs on the rock, the kid gets in trouble as well as the parent.

Smell that? That’s the smell of FAIL.

If you like the smell – here’s the recipe!



after school


crazed, after-school children


parents who think the rock is a great climbing option


school that sees rock as climbing safety hazard


stink eye or finger wag or a talking-to DAILY from the Keepers of The Rock



Yes. My equation has two =’s. You know I am not mathy…

So… one day last spring I made a video. I have finally gotten the nerve to show it. Hope I don’t get a detention. Ya know… something else happened last year… which has me feeling a little less care-y, so… whatever. I’M  THE MOM. Don’t mess.


I could actually go on a little rant about how it sucks *insert dirty, inappropriate analogy about donkeys here* to be reprimanded by a teacher when one is a parent. And this rock and my relationship with it highlights the issue I have with public schools/institutions/government-at-large thinking every parent is an idiot and is unable to parent. But that is another issue. Oh golly, I got riled-up.

But I will hold my tongue and will leave those select sentences above bolded because that felt good.

*Note: I understand the rock vs. safety issue.

*Note: Why is the rock there if it is a safety concern? Why is there even a playground???

I’m getting riled again.

P.S. I am not really as sweet as I seem.

P.P.S. Totally not.

Peace and Sparkles, and a little bit of Mama Bear…




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