The Monday Minute (or two): My First Crush

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In today’s Monday Minute I may or may not have shared about my first crush.

You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

The purpose of the Monday Minute is to help make a case of “the Mondays” a good thing… so this week I share what we have to look forward to so we don’t get too wrapped-up in the fact that Mondays are typically the least favorite day of the week.

Some things we have to look forward to this week are:

  • Drive-in movie day (today!)
  • Daniel Boone Day on Tuesday (get your synthetic raccoon-skin hat ready!)
  • Wednesday is Best Friend Day. Three cheers for BFFs!!! 
  • Eat your veggies on Thursday, and by veggies I mean RHUBARB because it is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie day!
  • And good old Friday is National Black Cow Day…

(A Black Cow is a rootbeer float.)

(I had never heard of a Black Cow before.)

(Apparently it’s a song by Steely Dan.)


(In looking up that song, I rediscovered why I have no Steely Dan songs in my iTunes library.)

This week I will be getting nail intervention (some call it a manicure), and my hair color re-fabulous-ized. I’ll also be lending a hand as a chaperone at my youngest’s field day (PLEASE DON”T LET IT RAIN!), trying to finish working on a website I need to launch (I’ll be sharing about THAT when there is more to share), and there’s high school graduation and dog-gone-it kids are growing up IT GOES SO FAST!!!

Speaking of going so fast, my youngest daughter’s last day of elementary school is the week after this one, and my 8th grader will be waving an exuberant farewell to her middle school days as well. When Fall comes, I will have a middl schooler and two high school kids.


I can’t think about that right now. I shouldn’t think about that right now. Let’s just get through the next 2 weeks, OK?


Peace. Sparkles. And whathaveyou.





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