The Monday Minute (or two): Featuring Gus the Singing Shih Tzu!

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Hiya friends! In today’s video I am excited to feature Gus, the singing Shih Tzu!

I am not sure if he is singing or crying, but his tail usually wags when he does it, so we’ll assume singing.

It’s Monday, therefore, the Monday Minute! It’s time to take Monday by the horns and be all, “Wait. Monday doesn’t have any horns!”

Kevin and Gus

Let’s start of Monday great so we can start off the week right. I’m going to work on getting a few systems in place personally, professionally, and around the home because I feel like life is piranha (I totally had to Google search how to spell that, BTW).

I feel like life is a piranha right now. I have an advantage tho… on account of the fact I know there’s piranha in the lake. Piranhii?

I digress.

The problem with piranha is when people DON’T know that there is piranha in the lake. All that to say – I am taking decided action this week to get a few things in order so I can feel less overwhelmed in my day-to-day (getting out of the piranha infested lake). Some of this will involve a bit of soul-searching because I things are ending-up on my list that shouldn’t.

Though I CAN do anything (I am sure of it), I cannot do it ALL. And frankly, I DON’T WANT TO.

I need to discover what is really important vs. what I think is important. Not being able to do it all is totally different that being perfectly capable. It’s taken me far too long to realize that. Now it’s a task-by task shake-down of letting go and prioritizing.

But whatever. Here’s the video. I want to thank Gus for sharing his new song with us. As always, I love reading what you share in the comments about how you are up to to making this Monday and/or week a better place to inhabit… And remember – just because you CAN doesn’t mean you have to.

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