The Confessional: This is how I prepare to pay the piper.

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It happens every year.

I dread this time of year all. year. long.

Everytime I drive by one of those guys wearing a Statue of Libery costume, flippin’ a “We do your taxes so you don’t have to” sign… my stomach churns and I get chest pains.

Don’t we wish I was exaggerating.

Chest pains.

How do I cope? I prepare for the tax season throughout the year by shoving receipts and important documents

in a basket.

And then…

How I do taxes

Please ignore the stains on the carpet.

Organized chaos

I choose to think my floor has character when there are stains on it. Hitherhencetofore, my floor has a great deal-o-character.

I do have CPA who will make sense of all this, but first I must sort through the paperness of 2011.

You’d think I’d be all software or Excel spreadsheet savvy.


Pen. Paper. and a calculator.

Then I close my eyes, plug my nose and give my scribbles to my beloved and much adored CPA. Along with my apologies.

I might as well deliver my papers to her in a horse-drawn carriage.

To all my fellow United States of Americans… best of luck, Godspeed and may the math be on your side.

Igh. Math. *gag*


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