The Confessional: May I Be Honest?

by | Mar 9, 2011 | The Confessional | 27 comments

I’m a wreck.




I need to set 2 alarms for each upcoming “thing” because I WILL forget within a span of 15 minutes.

Oh golly. I HATE to bring the Whine. But.

Not to be confused with butt.

I’m tired. I am busy. I am weary. Weary.

I am busy because I have work.

I am busy because my mind never shuts off and I have all these ideas and I don’t know what to do with them so some are trapped and choking my brain and others are floating in email or notes or…

I am desperately unorganized.

It’s busy because I have healthy, active kids.

It’s busy because I have friends who still want to be my friends eventhough I REALLY SUCK AT BEING A FRIEND RIGHT NOW.

I got a bracelet in the mail today from a friend. I cried. I was humbled and blessed, and the sparkles mesmerized… I escaped for a moment…

But you know what? I don’t deserve to have friends who send me notes or bracelets or texts.

Because I am the suckiest of friends. Of mothers. Of people.

I am also not at all dramatic.

*eyes go wild*

And I am SO keeping that most perfect and sparkly bracelet…And I wish I lived close enough Erin so I could squeeze her to pieces.

I am afraid of meeting new people and liking them because I don’t feel I have time to add anyone. I’d just end disappointing them.


Good thing he is omni-everything. Because Jenny On the Spot has put Him in a spot too…. having to follow me around in my non-stillness and whathaveyou. Not that he HAS to, but I know He does.

Thank God.

Literally. I am thanking Him.

I feel humbled daily by the people who reach to me with compassion and understanding. I am left scratching my head because I feel completely unworthy of tolerance or compassion because I feel I am living so selfishly… with all my wah-wah busy-ness hanging out all over the place.

*serenity now*

So. There it is. Well, not all of it. Yeah. Definitely not all of it… I can’t put all of it out there. And as much as I want to be part bringing the happy… Oh. Friends. I have some rotting pieces of heart that I fight daily to recover… Anger. Bitterness. Pride. Resentment. Discontent. Jealousy.

And also rage. Just a little bit-o-rage.

I’ll admit it… “peace and sparkles” is a choice. A concerted effort.

I was going to take a picture of me sitting here in all of my wallering and such. But if you look up a few lines, you’ll see the word “pride”. Yeah. Pride stood between me and that camera and said, “GURL. Haz you did see how you is lookin’ right now?” So i hid behind my phone.


Sometimes… pride works in one’s favor.

You know what else works in one’s favor???

Rest. And that is what I am going to go do. Rest. Because I am ill-prepared for something I committed to and if I suck at what I committed to, it will be a “can’t unring that bell” kind-of scneario. I am hoping that at the very least I can prepare enough to fake my way. Kind-of like an essay test. I often knew far-too little to ace ANY test, but gimme an essay test… and I could run the finest rabbit trails to fool to brightest of scholars. I even have an A in upper-div poly sci to prove it.

Oh. And. I’m not reverse-psychologinging on you to get comments like, “Oh, You are  SUCH a good person.” I’m half-way tempted to not have comments on. But I’m not going to turn them off on account of the fact I don’t think I am alone in these struggles. And if there’s an opportunity to share-alike and then encourage others as we work our way out of our own special struggles, then… that’s where good can come.

I hope.

Now. Do I have the nerve to publish?


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