The Confessional – Home Decor & Digital Photography

by | Sep 15, 2010 | The Confessional | 4 comments

The age of digital photography has adversly impacted my home decor.

With the thousands upon thousands of photos I take… nearly none have been made into physical prints. Hitherhencetofore, my dilemma and confession.

not my kids

Above: These are not my kids…

Below: And this was not my trip to *insert Grecian destination here*

no my trip to europe

So. If you ever come over to my house. Know that I know and I am not embarrassed.

Well I am a little. But with everything else on my to-do list, this little detail of my home seems to always get kicked to the bottom of the list. So just back-off and let’s have some coffee. M’kay?



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