The Art of Deciding

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Everyday, we are forced to make decisions. From the moment we first open our eyes our deciders get to work…

For example the other evening I set 2 alarms for the next morning… just in case. It was my last decision of that day… When I heard the alarm the next morning I decided to get up at the first alarm so I could get work done before the kids got up…

Later that morning I decided to use my Aeropress instead of my Bialetti.

coffee via Aeropress

Sadly, I underestimated how much coffee I needed to grind. So a bit more effort had to be made to make things right. And when enough beans were ground and pressed… I decided to add frothed milk and caramel…

caramel sauce latte by Me

After coffee and getting the kids to school and tending to some work projects and “tidying” the kitchen… I decided my body needed to win over chores and work and I went to swim some laps…

Going swimming. Decided to.

You didn’t think I’d post a picture of me in a swimsuit, did you? Sillies. I did swim. 2,000 yards, in fact. I love swimming.

I think the guy in the Jeep who parked in a spot designated for fuel efficient vehicles was not a good decider

A poor decider. A Jeep. Not so fuel efficient.

I decided Mindy Gledhill is my new favorite musician. She has the creamiest, most sweet voice. My little Lucy LOVES her too. She doesn’t yet know the words to her songs, but she sings like she does.

Note to self: Don’t listen to Hourglass AND think about your son who is no longer a little guy… You may find yourself at a stop light between home and the pool… weeping… gasping for air… then checking your period tracker app to make sure those tears weren’t Aunt Flo making her emotional entrance.

She wasn’t. It was just the song. *grips chest*

You MUST listen. But don’t. Oh but do. But get tissue. Lots of tissue.

I have digressed.

blue tights

No, my legs aren’t cold. I decided to wear blue tights.

It just felt like the right thing to do. Nothing special… nowhere to go but the usual haunts… But sometimes it’s just as easy to throw on a dress and tights as it is yoga pants and a tank top.


I decided to eat 2 brownies tonight. It was in the best interest of all under my roof. And my daughter said I make the best brownies.

I decided she’s probably right.

What have you been deciding lately?


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