The Appendix: Not to be confused with the appendix

by | Jan 17, 2012 | Lucy, Olivia, Parenting/Family


I’ve had a bit of a bothersome belly ache lately.


Dislocation due to an overly-motivated workout?

Regardless… I’m not feeling right. Off and on. For a few days.

Just a nudge of discomfort… enough for me to feel complainery… but not enough for one to feel the need to enlist the help of medical professionals or anything draaaaaastic.

In one of my complaining moments I said to my 9 year old daughter, “I wonder if it’s my appendix?”

Olivia: What?

Me: My appendix.

Olivia: *confused look*

Me: I wonder if the appendix is on the right or the left. This hurts here *presses on right side* Owie.

Olivia: *still looking confused*

Me: OH! I’m not talking about the appendix of a book, honey!

Olivia: OooooooooooKhay! I didn’t know an appendix was a body part!

*insert laughing We here*

She has the best sense of humor and the MOST infectious laugh. And she works on math for fun.

math for fun

Speaking of kids… the kids really, really, really want some snow. We had a moment of it… and the youngest was all over it like, like… like a kid on/after an ice cream truck.

Snow much fun!

So cute. Yet so sad.

C’mon snow.

Do it for Lucy…


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