The Age of Three is not the Age of Reason

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When a 3-year-old says “I need help!”, she is really saying, “Psych! I just wanted you to stop the very important task you were accomplishing…”

The Age of Three is not the Age of Reason

“… I actually really want to do this BY. MY. SELF. IdoitIdoitIdoit! I. DO. IT. BY. MY. SEWF!   !!!!!”

Also, and most importantly, even though you know that her request for help is her own little science experiment to test the time-space continuum between you and her… offer your help anyway. For if you do not respond, she will turn into a tornado with fangs and talons.

And/or scream at decibels so high one’s skull could crack.

This behavior makes absolutely no sense, but that is how it is with a three-year-old.

One other note, pray without ceasing.

I think Lucy (the above mentioned 3-year-old) may become the next host of What Not To Wear. She has become quite opinionated when it comes to fashion.

For instance. Yesterday we went to Macy’s to purchase some unmentionables for Mommy. On our way in, she saw a bright-pink mannequin… with no head. Her observation:

That giwl (girl) is Not. Cute. She doesn’t even have a head!

We walked into the dressing room. I tried on a dress. I have no idea where I’d wear this dress – it was just cute on the hanger and I wanted to try it on. So there. I put it on and asked my little fashionista what she thought, 

I not yike it.

I turned to the mirror and fussed with it a bit. I sat on the bench to see if I could even sit in it. I looked at Lucy and she turned on a shy smile. I asked, “What?”. She said,

That cute dress, Mama. I YIKE it. *nodding*

And I was all, “I! know! Mommny should get it, huh?” She nods in agreement.

But I didn’t buy it. Full price. Wouldn’t be prudent. 

Besides that, where would I wear it?

I could wear it to the grocery store or when I take Lucy to preschool. Church? No. I know! I should throw a “I Have Nowhere To Wear This Dress Party”. That could work… 

Later that day Lucy and I happened upon a coffee shop. We each kicked-back on our own cozy purple chairs and sipped on our own special libations. A refined-looking woman wearing high heels, long black pants, and a stylin’ blazer-thing walked in. As the woman strutted by, Lucy’s stare followed her. Lucy shared her thoughts with me,

She cute.


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