That girl.

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That girl.

My girl.





My girl.

I honestly have no idea where 9 years have gone. Plopped right between your older brother and younger sister, you have carved yourself a solid place in our crazy family.

You have that laugh… the laugh everyone tells me is simply the best they have ever heard.

And there has been a shift… a shift in us.

Your warmth is hot. Your hunger for closeness is the delight of my heart. “I love you” pours from your lips and right now I cling and savor the fact that you want me around for everything.

No embarrassment. No wet blanket… you need me. You show it.

I savor these days of we.

Our giggles. Our long hugs. Our return to snuggle time.

Olivia, you are so complex. You are the one I have the hardest time figuring out.

You are cool. Compliant. Easy. Diplomatic. Sacrificial.


But I have to watch close.





You inspire me to become. To reach. To listen.

I am a far greater person because of you, my daughter. I treasure you… I admire you.

I am so proud of you.

The way you care. Your heart…

You are capable and it doesn’t occur to you that you cannot.

You are brave.

And strong.

And so very tender-hearted.

I am honored to be your mom. I pray for me… to be the mom that nurtures your heart in the specific way your heart should be nurtured. I pray for our relationship… in this time of bounty… and in anticipation of the years we have yet to meet. I want it to be this way forever. This is a golden time… I treasure it. But even when rough patches hit… I will treasure you. Us. Know I love you always, no matter what.

No. Matter. What.

I pray your laugh will always topple people. Infect them. Affect them.

I pray your sensible and practical head prevails when hard decisions must be made. I envy your ability to shrug and let small things roll off. You teach me so much!

Olivia, I love you beyond measure. I adore you.

Plus, I have so much fun with you… So very much fun…



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