Storytelling: Looking for Inspiration in the Everyday

I am a firm believer that stories are everywhere.

But sometimes – and more recently – oftentimes… life gets so full, or chaotic, or stressful… the stories are hard to see.

Writer’s block exacerbated by life chaos?


I wonder, though, if it is more a general mind-block… Mental (or creative) constipation, if you will.

How’s THAT for a metaphor?

So. In an effort to combat this “mental/creative constipation”, I woke up one morning with the decision to keep my eyes open for these stories I am convinced are unfolding before my eyes. The day started out with Plan B in regards to school transportation. Had Plan B not been necessary… I would not have had to drive through town first thing in the morning. And I would not have seen this:

Eggnog! There is rejoicing in all the land!!!

Did ya’ll just hear the Heavens break forth in praise?!!!

Had I not seen that sign, due to Plan B… I might have missed out on this:

eggnog latte with my man

Due to a late jury duty reporting time, my husband and I crammed in a short coffee date.He had to go do his civic duties and I had to hit the girls’ school to help with flashcards, paper cutting and other classroom helping things.

Side note: school sized paper cutters are not efficient for me.

Had I not traded a couple hours of my kid-free work time for helping in classrooms I’d have missed out on things like high-fiving a class of 4th graders as they headed to computer lab… I’d have missed out on the high-ten from a girl as I told her she passed all her multiplication sets, and I’d have missed the ‘fawning over the striped colors in my hair at first grade lunch.

I forgot how much first grade girls like my hair, even with my pink/red streaks gone. I quote, “I just think you have really beautiful hair…” followed by an audible sigh.


Oh, and had I not gone to school I’d have missed seeing these:

I love Fall.

They won’t be full of firey color for long. Honestly, I could just stare at the colors for hours. The changing trees remind me of my great-grandma. I miss her. I think she would have gotten such a kick out of my kids. I think Lucy has her eyes…

Then there was the part of the day…

*abrupt shift*

…I went to a local superstore to find candy corn and just ONE BAR of the most delightful candy bar on all the earth:

Chuao Firecracker Dark Chocolate Bar


Oh have mercy. You don’t have to eat much of this to be satisfied. All kinds of kick and pop and awesome live in there.

BUT THEY WERE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I stood in the new, downsized “fine chocolates” section and just stood there with my mouth covered in disbelief.

I was also looking for candy corn to put in here:

Where I want the candycorn to go

I think it’d be super cute, and I don’t like to eat candy corn, so there’s win all over that.


Like, isn’t that a pre-halloween crime or something???

The End.

Almost… Are you convinced? Do you believe there are stories happening all around? Do you have any tips or tricks or insight into breaking though creative constipation writer’s block? Do you know where I can find candy corn?

candybar photo: yumsugar


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8 Responses to “Storytelling: Looking for Inspiration in the Everyday”

  1. Jenn says:

    oh, girlfriend…thanks for the brain kick.

    I haven’t been blogging much the past few weeks because of life crap…you know, when things are messin’ with your life and you can’t blog about it because a) you are bitching too much and b) bitching about your shitty tenants might lead to legal action or vandalism or sumthin….


    Gotta get my head right, thanks for the boost. Mwuah!!!

  2. Mae says:

    Two things. No. Three things:

    1. Long time reader, first time commenting. Interesting you get me to comment with the candy corn thing… Not sure what this says about me.

    2. I’ve not blogged in two weeks, which of course means I’ve been excommunicated by now. Anyway thanks for the push.

    3. Joanns! The candy corn is at Joanns! In the checkout area with all the dollar items and other junk no one needs! Go!

    (ok so this is definitely true in Orlando. Obviously I can’t vouch for YOUR Joanns. But I mean, they should.)

    (I also don’t like candy corn but, my husband does. A lot. And I do like him.)

  3. Jen says:

    I totally agree with you. Stories are every where, you just have to be able to see them.

  4. Amy B. says:

    Great post. I’ve been thinking about finding meaning in the small things this week myself, so this really speaks to me.

    But I don’t trust people who don’t like candy corn!

  5. what the {insert expletive here} is this world coming to? NO.CANDY.CORN. has the world gone mad?!?! i had to retype gone 6 times i was so upset by this news!! *deep breaths jo, deep breaths* ok, i think i’m ok now…in other news, we now have egg nog!!!! that’s AMAZING!!

  6. Dawn says:

    Okay, just for a laugh, you have to check out this song. We don’t have any preschoolers in our house any more, but this song (about candy corn) has stuck with us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJsNi7JWZJw Enjoy! 🙂

  7. Tarable says:

    Speaking of stories, what’s the deal with the pop rocks inside the chocolate bar? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Not that I wouldn’t try it…just seems odd.

  8. Stephen King would agree with that mentality that stories are everywhere. We just have to open our minds and eyes to see them. Some of the best inspiration is found just by LIVING and paying attention to what goes on around us. 🙂

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