So that no one can see the laces.

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Did I tell you that Lucy learned how to tie her shoes this summer?

Have I ever told you that Lucy marches to the beat of her very own especially sparkly drum?

She does.

Recently she bounced my way and emoted, “MOM!!! I tied my shoes so no one can see my laces!”

A new way to tie shoes

I wish you could see her knees. She will never, not ever be a leg model. She has the knees and shins of a 14 year-old professional skateboarder. Tough as nails, that girl.

And clearly, has an eye for sock rolling.

It has really been only a week since she mastered shoe tying. And now it seems that she can do it behind her back feet.

tied at the heels

One more note – my picture quality… You try photographing a tornado marching to the beat of it’s own sparkly drum and see how well you do.


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