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That title could have been so much better.

But probably not.

This is going to be QUITE the week. Which means it will be quite NOT the week here.

It’s not that I am doing NOTHING – au contraire…

  • Over at The Mom Squad I brag about the stellar children’s theatre program we have the privilege to be a part of.
  • Over here I tell you about how you can nominate a good cause for a coffee makeover.
  • Over here I have been joining in on conversations ranging in content from closet organization to how often do we post on our blogs.
  • I have been crafting/drafting/submitting funny parenting-based stories for a little project that is not just yet live… so I can’t link, but the site may or may not be part of something that rhymes with “mickelmodeon”.
  • What?
  • Let’s see…
  • If you read this on Tuesday, during school hours I may be chaperoning a 3rd grade field trip. A bus may or may not be the primary mode of transportation.
  • I didn’t know how to spell “au contraire”. For certain. I was right, but I still had to check.
  • There is a slough of giveaways coming. Gift cards, jewelry… a plush tech toy… *whee* I just can’t wait to hit “publish” in the coming weeks.
  • Also, there was a survey a bunch of you took for me. I have that info to share. Hopefully you have already seen some of the changes. Others are coming. Ish. And feedback to your feedback. As soon as I can put the finishing touches on it. Ya’ll gave A LOT of feedback.
  • Have I ever told you how much I love you?
  • How beautiful you are?
  • You are.
  • Stinkin’ beautiful…
  • I don’t have a photo today.
  • How about a video?
  • It’s a cat.
  • Not a huge fan of cats.
  • But this is cute.
  • May you get a little giggle…


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