Snowbots and Cold and Snow

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Snow is cold.

I do not like cold.


cold and snowYou might think this picture of me shows me almost enjoying the cold…

Actually, this is FEAR.

Long story short, I do not like cold… therefore SNOW.

Cold and snow.

I blame my thyroid.

And maybe not having proper snow clothes.

Because I find no joy in being in the cold I have to excel in other things as a mom. When it comes to snow and cold, I suck.

To my credit, I have absolutely no problem sitting fireside with coffee, cocoa, or tea while snow gently falls and paints the world white.

I like snow like that.

I LOVE snow like that.

But that is warm and snow. Not cold and snow.

However, I cannot build snow-things. I believe it is physically impossible for me.

The word FROZEN comes to mind.

I can stand outside for a bit to cheer and affirm the wonderful snow-thing building of the children. I can even capture up to 50 seconds of video at a time. As long as I can go back inside for a cup of coffee in between filming – to stave off frostbite, of course.

With that said…

We FINALLY got some snow. Some years we’ll get 1/2 foot to 2 feet that stays for days and then there are years like this year – which is POLAR OPPOSITE (I think possibly LITERALLY) to what our friends on the East Coast have endured the past several weeks thanks to the POLAR VORTEX.

(Bless your hearts. I WOULD DIE.)

So with the little snow we got over one evening recently… my Lucy made a Snowman.

I mean Snowbot.

snowbotLucy’s a little thing but she’s got the drive of a thing that has a lot of drive. You can see her hard at work in this video from our awesome snowfall last year…

That was last year. THIS is this year:


One note: I took this picture a few hours after Lucy’s Snowbot was born.

Bless her heart. She worked so hard… rolling snow (and rocks) (we have a gravel driveway) (and barely 4 inches of snow) (MAYBE).

Or three inches.

Oh heck. You know me and math. Here:

cold and snowTHAT much snow.

Enough, but not enough.

cold and snow

Everybody has their *thing*.

Lucy’s *thing* is leaving a trail of things…

cold and snow

Her gloves are still there, on the drive… weeks later. Living flatly in the gravel. I remember I SHE needs to go get them every time I almost drive over them.

The guilt in me tells me if I was a good mom I would have gotten out there and helped Lucy take her SnowBOT to a SnowMAN.

All by herself she rolled and rolled and made a huge snowball for the base of her Snowman. Due to the shallow and melting snow she ditched the medium ball and went straight for the small ball… and that is how SNOWBOT was born.

Snowbots don’t need carrot noses.

sad snowbot

Bless her Lucy’s heart. She was so proud of her Snowbot.

I’m gonna make it up to her. When it’s warm.

Or maybe I’ll pick up her gloves in the driveway for her and we’ll call it even.

And I’ll actually plan her a birthday party this year.

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