Snap Happy and My Wild Spring Break

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I have a lover.


Her name… HER name?


cheesy grin

My camera.

I have been keeping her out of “auto” and have been kind-of teaching myself how to shoot in manual.

not focused

Oh but this jenny has a lot (A LOT) of learning left to do.

In my defense, the shot above was taken with a certain new lens that should auto-focus, but won’t.

< sad panda >

Why do people use the term “sad panda”?


I digress…

An issue I have with shooting in manual is my shaky-ish hands.

A surgeon I will never be.

Not to mention my strong bent towards not remembering and whathaveyou… Is it the blue wire or the red… Do I fuse the spinal cord to the hypothalamus?)


I could never be a bomb technician NOR a surgeon.




Where does the apostrophe go? Can someone from the South please advise?


On second thought… if we compare my skills as a brain surgeon vs. my skills as a photographer… then I guess me and Cami are a MUCH better fit than me and surgery on your brain.

puppy. ish.


tissue paper flowers

Those are tissue paper flowers.

My friend Sara made them.

Sara is awesome.


hot cofeee

You see the steam? That’s a happy spot all up in there.



I took this one with the lens that won’t auto-focus. I call this one “shooting from the hip” because literally, I had my camera at my hip and I was all, “You know what? I’m just gonna press the button and see what I get.”

Me like.

I’ve been doing that lately. Just pressing the button at random. Without guidance from the eye. It’s fun. Like a grab bag from the school carnival – will I get a used eraser or a unicorn tattoo?

Much of the time the pictures go straight to the trash, but then there are the times you get creatively framed pictures of salad sitting by a bottle of wine.



food and wine

Yet another shot with the lens that won’t auto-focus. I am not completely sure about this pic. Yet, I think I really love it.

I am going to be spending this upcoming week purging junk from my home. I’ll be making piles of stuff to sell on eBay, piles for Goodwill, and I already have a pile of jackets set aside for a local coat drive in the fall/winter… Coats that could have gone to the drive last season, but things are in such disaray I didn’t know I had them and… and… that makes me crazy.

And a little disgusted. And a little shame.

Too. Much. Stuff.

I’ve already tossed 3 bags of garbage.

I feel skinnier already!

There are papers to shred and file and recycle. I may need to call my CPA to make sure I really CAN shred all I want to shred. We had a business with employes a few lifetimes ago, so… that ghost is always poking my back.

All that to say… the time spent here and online in general will be at a minimum this next week.

LIKE YOU CARE. But I’ll pretend you do because my self-worth needs that right now.

But. Aaaanywho…. It’s time to take the bull by the horns. The older/smarter/more fabulous I get, the more I need order and less stuff. In 2012 my WILD spring break has me whoooping it up in my cold, dark basement. And also the garage.

I hope. I hope I can purge the garage too.


< iamnotgiventodelusionalthinkingĀ iamnotgiventodelusionalthinkingĀ iamnotgiventodelusionalthinking >

So, in my semi-absence I plan to hop back on the photo-a-day train (via Fat Mum Slim)… Practice my art, purge my junk, pop in here real-quick-like, and whathaveyou.


Did you already have spring break? What did you do? If not, what are YOU going to do. If you don’t have plans, you wanna come paint my kitchen? I’d like to get that done too!

< insert another delusion here >


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