She’s 8.

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8 years ago today, 10 pounds and 5 ounces of joy was birthed into my world.

My youngest.

My youngest is 8, and when *they* say *it* goes by fast… *they* are not lying.

Oh my heck.

Lucy means light. I deeply believe that Lucy lives up to her name. She has boundless energy with joy and zest to match.

silly lucy

She was a total surprise, and I am so thankful for the gift our whole family was given when she came into our world.

She inspires me to be more bold. To be more light… She reminds me to enjoy the process and marvel at everything.

She is an exceptional mess-maker as a result.

She teaches me a lot about myself, because apparently we are A LOT alike. Which means, I may or may not behave like an 7/8 year-old girl.

Having Lucy has allowed me to see a tender side of her siblings. The older two love each other, but witnessing their hearts for their little sister is just… different. Lucy accentuates their compassion and tenderness.

But not all the time. To be clear.

She’s good at pushing folks to their blessed limits as well.

I love how she is absolutely uninhibited. I love her zeal. I love how she laughs without holding even one ounce back.

I love how she makes others laugh and seems to joyfully distract from the often tough realities of life.

Lucy… you are a treasure and a blessing. Your life enriches the lives of others. You are a reminder of good. Of hope. Of joy.

Of how much house cleaning I have to do…

My prayer for you is forever protection of your passion for living. I pray that those who would try to steal any of it from you would be unsuccessful. Of course I pray that you will never be hurt… that your heart will never be broken… But … When hard times come, I pray your zest and zeal are preserved… that these remain steadfast in your life. I pray your compassion only grows. I pray for your friends, and even your spouse… that those who get a special spot in your heart are people who add to these traits that I believe set you apart.

Lucy Jean… I see such a lovely, beautiful girl when I look at you, listen to you, think about you. Your heart. Your smile. They way you blow me kisses and “put them in your heart”.

I melt…

It is my privilege and my honor to be your mom.

lucy and me

The other day, you shared a story about a conflict with a friend. Your friend suggested maybe you two needed a break. Just a bit of time apart to get a breather and get perspective. It made you sad… the idea of a break. I told you that sometimes even mommy and daddy needed a little break. You were shocked. So I told you even sometimes mommy needs a break from the kids… and even YOU sometimes can use a break from mommy.

With the most honest and sincere reply you said, “I NEVER need a break from you.”

Your passion. Your conviction. Your strength. Your resolve.


I love it. All of it. You fascinate and inspire and exhaust me.

I adore you.

I love you, Lucy.

I CRAZY love you, silly girl.



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