She spelled “wine”. She did NOT spill it.

We have this “game” at home.


It’s a game for emergent readers and whathaveyou. It has beginning sound chunks and ending sound chunks and kids can make words.

And on Spring Break, my 7 year old learned how to spell WINE.

I spelled WINE!!!


Fast forward one week at school:

Lucy’s teacher: Welcome back class! What did you do on spring break?

Lucy: < shoots-up hand >

Lucy’s teacher: Yes. Lucy…

Lucy: I SPELLED WINE!!!!!!

I’m just glad she didn’t SPILL it.

Now that? Would be a problem…


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3 Responses to “She spelled “wine”. She did NOT spill it.”

  1. JR Reed says:

    Spilling wine is alcohol abuse. Thank God she didn’t do that.

  2. My kids spill my wine all.the.time. and it’s infuriating.
    I also spill my wine all the time. Which is also infuriating. But it does NOT mean I’ve had too much and should stop.

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