She loves me… even more than GUS.

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It’s true.

I’ve been gone quite a bit over the last month, so a whole lot of missing is going on.

One morning recently, I grabbed Lucy and gave her a BIG, long hug. Mid-embrace Lucy told me, “I Love you, mommy… more than the DOGS.”

I pulled back, looked in her eyes and told her I loved her more than the dogs too.

With wide yes sha asked, “Even more than GUS?!”


“Yes, baby… even more than Gus.”

“I love you more than Gus too.”

You know what? I think she does love me more than the dogs… EVEN GUS.


When I got back from my last trip, Lucy played (on her $5, yard sale, Hannah Montana guitar) and sang a song she wrote for me while I was away. In it she plays one *note* and sings about how much we love each other. I am still trying to manipulate her to sing it on video because that just HAS to happen. And I am not above manipulating my children.

Until then… here’s a bouquet of “honey flowers”. ALMOST as good as a song…

flowers for mom

I don’t even care that she picked flowers she shouldn’t have picked. I don’t even care.


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