Romance & Marriage: A Use for Post-Its

This is a story about marriage… Marriage in real life.

Sunday morning.

He (The Husband – to be clear) was in bed.

I was not…

I was getting ready and furiously checking things off my very long list.

Ownin’ the day and whathaveyou.

Him: Hey baby. Why don’t you… you know… Come over here.

Me: Baby.

Him: C’mon baby.

(This is not verbatim, but it practically is…)

Me: Dude. I’m already taking on the day here.

Him: You know y…

Me: I tell you what… get a post-it. I’m taking care of my list, babe. Put it on my pillow. It just needs to be on the list.

Him: Good idea.

We have always been a good team. Mostly because he tells me I have good ideas.

Man: doing the dishesThis is our teamwork doing the dishes…


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2 Responses to “Romance & Marriage: A Use for Post-Its”

  1. That’s my kind of team work right there. I hate dish duty.

  2. BrassyDel says:

    So I shared this post with my husband the day you posted it, and about a week later I came to bed and found an entire stack of Post-It Notes on my pillow.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

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