Road Trip & Something To Do

I left yesterday for the EVO Conference

Dudes. Wanna see a picture? This is me a few hours from Park City, Utah. My friend Maya and I drove, together… 16 hours… Say it with me — ROAD TRIP!!! This is me on top of our car 🙂 Just bein’ a regular girl on a desolate Utah off-ramp road…

Being silly on my road trip!

Picture credit: Maya Bisineer founder of Memetales a place to read children’s books online!

I suspect you might get a little bored, what…. with the me being away and whathaveyou *eyes cross*.

Never to be one to leave you hanging… Here’s a little project for you in my absence:

You can vote everyday until July 3rd! I only need over 2 million more votes to be the top vote-getter.

We can do this!!! I believe in YOU asyoubelieveinme…

Do it for the children.

Or just me.

And YOU, cuz you if I had my OWN show, I could totes get you tickets.


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3 Responses to “Road Trip & Something To Do”

  1. BrassyMom says:

    I voted for you! You’re now up to 428 votes, girly!

    Only 1,999,572 votes to go, right?!

  2. Oh! jenny YOU ROCK! i hope you make it! I voted for ya!!! 🙂 I think you should have me on your show as well. We could talk about the issues of LOST socks….:)

  3. Jen says:

    I voted but I can see from the previous comment that I can do it more than once, you might have said so in your post but I saw the button and left right away.

    You look like you are having way too much fun, have a great trip!

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