Remembering The Thanks and WhatHaveYou

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Every year… that I remember to get it out… since 2007… I have my family and anyone I can pin down with whom we are celebrating Thanksgiving, write in our Thanksgiving journal.

the journal

They just write what they are thankful for.

thanksgiving journal

And for the wee-ones, someone will transcribe.

I wish I had thought to start one sooner.

Not everyone likes to be forced asked to write, but I think in the end… it ends up being a blessing to the writer. To think about why one is thankful. To take a moment to look around or within and realize the blessings that lay at our privileged feet.

And selfishly, it is a HUGE blessing to me… to look back and see who our family has shared Thanksgiving with. To read what was important in years past… to see how my children have changed.

And this year, I am thankful for the usual suspects… friends and family.

No really. I love my family.

*blink, blink*

Some things I am thankful for this year (but not limited to…) — I am thankful that the power came back on after 39 hours… the day before Thanksgiving. I am thankful my husband thinks it will be fun to not have running water for Thanksgiving, and it will kind-of be like camping. I am thankful when we hit that car yesterday, we hit a lady in a BMW that was very nice and no airbags were deployed.

I am thankful our water pipes will not crack/explode/destroy everything.

*insert hope here, and also invitation for prayer*

I am thankful for my friend Stacey and family. They kept us warm when we had no power. Fed us. Lots. And let us shower. And still call us friends…

I am thankful my friend Lisa is here with her 2 kiddos and 2 exchange students…  instead of at the local Red Cross warming station. Sheesh, Lisa. This woman will give you the Hottie from her glove, but a girl practically has to tackle her to get her to accept help!

And as soon as I am done with this post, we are going to go “window shopping” online. And laugh.

A. Lot.

Also, I am thankful that when I tried to shoot a video after my power had gone out, and I surrounded me (MY HAIR) and my laptop with candles… that I did not catch fire (and I promise I was not performing some weird-sort-of-vlogging voodoo).

vlogging by candlelight

No, really.



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