Preschoolers and Mismatched Shoes

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All the children hopped in the car and I did a quick (read: QUICK) shoe check.

Preschoolers and Mismatched Shoes

We arrived at our destination, and at that point I discovered The Cosmos had handed me my maternal call-out… Lucy (the 3 year old) was, in fact, wearing rubber boots… green crocodile. 

How. eh. ver…

She was wearing one of her boots – toddler size 10… aaaaaand one of her brother’s boot – boy’s size 3. 

Oh but that’s not all – both were right foot boots.

Every time she stepped, she stepped out of her brother’s boot. It wasn’t long before I was running errands with a shoeless preschooler,.

And then there’s the time that… after a stern warning that Lucy was NOT to stand on the cabinet with rollers (the open-cabinet she is not allowed to interact with on any level, by the way)… she decided to roll the cabinet across my bedroom and proceeded to — Dump. Out. All. The. Contents.


I won’t embarrass myself bore you with the details of my handling of that situation, but suffice it to say I did NOT handle it well. At. All.

Mothering is one the most incredible things I can imagine doing. And on the very same hand… mothering has been one of the most humbling things I have ever experienced. I suppose without the challenges, the victories might not be feel so very sweet.

I’m off. It’s bedtime and the natives are restless… Pray for me them us.


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