Ponderings of the sick: Could I be allergic to geoduck?

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Isn’t the human body disgusting amazing?

I was gone all weekend, and the minute I walked into my home Sunday afternoon, my body said, “Nu-uh. You done.”

I was all, “Whu? What, body? I have work.”

And my body was all, “No you di’ent.”

It didn’t matter. I had doing to do. And I did most of that doing laying on my side, typing with one finger.

I was a vision. A moaning, groaning, laying on one-side, typing with one finger VISION.

When I finished, I dragged myself upstairs, and rolled around in bed for hours… moaning something like, “IthinkIamGoingToDIE…”

I couldn’t stop thinking about the geoduck pasta I had eaten the night before. What if was allergic to geoduck?! Are there geoduck allergies?


I’d rather die.

{yes, I ate geoduck}

{and regular duck}

*quack quack*

{I also ate some sushi… the name of which I can neither pronounce nor remember – something like hitachi or hibachi, but I think the former is an electronic(s) and the latter cooks things. HOWEVER. If there were classes of sushi, it was high-class sushi}

I would post the picture I took of the sushi, but no.

That picture is not an appetizing picture and I would hate for you to sue me for making you puke on your laptop. Taking good pictures of raw fish takes great skill.

But back to me DYING.

I didn’t.


But if I HAD been dying? I’m sure that’s what it would feel like.


That’s me, NOT dying. But feeling like I might be.


My kids like brushing their teeth now, and also a $100 Visa gift card, yo! Go here, go here!!!


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