Polyvore? YES!!! {Guest Post by BrassyDel!}

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This is a guest post by BrassyDel! Woohoo! It’s nice to change things up around here, don’t cha think? It’s been a wee-bit quiet around here, and I’ve felt bad since SO many come here almost hourly looking for

Aaanywho. I’d post pictures of the busy, but there’s been so much busy… there’s been nary a moment to capture a moment to later share here.

Besides, BrassyDel knows a bit about a site I adore – POLYVORE – but I haven’t done anything with it. I just Pin all the cute stuff people create on Polyvore. It’s time to step out, right?! Oh, and that outfit she put together for me… YES PLEASE!

Hi, Spotters!

BrassyDel here to tell you about a nifty little online “toy” that I think y’all are really gonna like (don’t worry, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything silly like that). If you like Jenny, and clearly you do, I think it may be a good bet that you have at least a fleeting fondness with… sparkle? Pizazz? Purty things? Well, me too! Awhile back, the ever-chipper Pioneer Woman posted a little write-up about Polyvore, this free website that lets you make fashion sets and oogle over clothes and accessories and other nifty things. You can even sort items by type, color, and price, which is awesome because sometimes you want the coolest, most perfect thing, and sometimes you want to check out things that you can actually buy. She warned that it was addictive, but did I listen?

No, I did not. And now I’m hooked.

I figure it is only fair to pay it forward. You’re welcome.

Step One: Go to www.Polyvore.com and register for your (free) account in the upper right-hand corner.

Step Two: Click CREATE in the little navigation bar on the upper left.

Step Three: Start clicking! Go, play, create!

Step Four: Publish that puppy and share it with the world.

Dress Jenny!



Here’s a set I made just for you guys. Well, and for Jenny. What shall I create? thought I. I know! I will make an outfit for Jenny. So I did.

I would totes wear this, especially that silver/pewter bangle. I think it would go mahhvelously with my jammies. You know, the ones my five month old spit up all over. Or, possibly, I could wear it with the jeans my two year old wipes her spaghetti sauced hands on. The possibilites are endless!

Okay, so go try out Polyvore, then maybe next time we can talk about using Pinterest. Note: you can even make an awesome set on Polyvore… and then pin it on Pinterest. It’s like an ouroboros of internet time-wasting creativity! Thanks for indulging me here on The Spot, guys, and if you need a little something to entertain yourself after you’ve totally absorbed all thing JotS, feel free to visit me:

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