Patience: The Slipperiest of Virtues (a confession, of sorts)

by | Aug 2, 2011 | The Confessional | 4 comments

It’s true, no?



See? So slippery… that patience.

Alternate title: Patience is Like a Water Snake

I confess. I am an impatient soul. I can’t wait.

To buy.

To react.

To pee.

My issues with patience rear their ugliest heads (a 14-headed water snake?) when I have to wait.

*blink blink*

At all.

I know what needs to get done, or what I need to do and I really don’t have the time (patience) for slow people, stubbed toes, forgotten items, and people who choose the right lane to go straight when I am behind them and need to go right and I can turn on a red light, but they can’t go straight on a red light (hitherhencetofore – me waiting) so why didn’t they just get in the left lane so I could turn right on a red light?!



Ya know?


Or how about the EVERY TIME WE HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE ON TIME… and Lucy bumps into a wall and needs an ice pack/bandaid/comfort.

No time for owies, kid.

I actually told my 6 year old this morning after she walked into a wall (seriously, people…), “You need to stop getting hurt right before we have to leave. We just don’t have time for that!”

Every. Time.

I apologized.


Also, I walk fast. Even a leisurely stroll is PAINFUL. I honestly don’t know how to ramble. People who walk slowly… Were I a betting woman I’d bet I’ll die of a heart attack in Walmart – behind a SLOW PERSON.

I didn’t tell you about that time at Walmart, did I?




I still don’t know if I am going to share that story. Heck, I still don’t know if I should show my face in that store ever again. Not that my “incident” stood out above anything else anyone has ever seen at the Walmarts.

But I digress…


Superman had kryptonite.

I have patience.

Except I don’t.

Speaking of patience… here is a picture of the patient being… patient:


*Disclosure: I was not the patient being patient… to be clear.




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