On the Road Again…

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It’s planes, ferries and automobiles again.

cramped quartersYay economy class!

Last December we drove to Colorado to visit family for Christmas.

christmas maskAnd we had to go to urgent care, and I saw this creative use for a swine flu mask. I should make another video…

Stick with me… I will get to my point.

In January I hopped a plane to Arizona to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of my dearest, dearest friends…

party girls2 cool 2 be… 4 gotten!!!

In February I took a solo road trip (15 hours-one way) to be with yet another dear friend – pretty much my sister without being born of the same loins… Her father passed away and it wasn’t an option to not be there.

goofing off

A favorite memory – goofing off with her kiddos in Photo Booth

Later in February I packed my bags and hit Houston for Mom 2.0 Summit and my passion for getting to meet and know my online pallies hit full-flame.

love#shine (me) #love (mom spark)

In May, it was back on the road to Colorado for my kid-bro’s graduation.

so toughBetcha can’t guess who is 19 years older…

Then June came out of nowhere and my friend Maya and I did a girl-power road trip to the Evo Conference.


I call this “Reflections with Think Maya

I barely came up for air when I turned the corner of summer and it was time to cross the country to New York… for the highly acclaimed BlogHer 2010.

cheeseburgher!Talk about Joy Unexpected! And also money.


And here I am this moment… feeling the levels of stress and anticipation rise as I prepare me, myself and my family for my absence. In 3 short days I will be flying to Ashville, North Carolina… for the Type-A Mom Conference! This one holds a special place in my heart… for this will be the place of my coming out, if you will. For this time…. I will sthpeak speak.

I’m sthorry I am sthtill working on my listhpthp.

Now. I did present at Ignite Seattle 11 last week *ahem*

Jenny Ingram - Ignite Seattle 11I was feeling passionate in this one… [Photo credit: Randy Stewart]

Jenny Ingram - Ignite Seattle 11I was storing nuts in my cheeks for this one… [Photo credit: Randy Stewart]

I am honored and a wee-teeny-bit-a-lot intimidated by my co-speak… Megan of Velveteen Mind. She is one who I have seen at conferences but have not accosted approached. You see, there was this time, when I accosted approached Barefoot Foodie, back at BlogHer ’09. But then, again… I think she kinda loves me now. I just need to remind myself that a certain level of mania is endearing, no?

Sheesh. I am STHUCH a creep.

Sthorry. Sthupid lisptthhsp.

And then there is our panel moderator, Clay of Dad Labs. Every time I see his name I have this urge to make a pot.

clay potI did not make this, but I totally could have.

We chatted on the phone this week… Clay, Megan and I. We talked about the session, “Blogging with Humor, Personality and Voice.” And, well… Bless their hearts. Thsaints.

I would like to add… my nemesis in public speaking is twofold (nemesii???):

  1. My arms flail. I prefer to say I am “physically expressive”. Very.
  2. In speaking, I give up my ability to edit. There is NO delete key or line-through in public speaking, yo.

So pretty much, once again… the small town girl whose work experience includes picking weeds in the cotton fields of Central Cali… wonders how she got to here.

And I’m pretty exthited.

And I’m pretty nervouth.

But mostly excithed.

And apparently listhpy.

I just hope there will be a microphone for me to hold to help comfort me in all my awkwardness. And tisthuesth.


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