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I remember when I had newborns.

It was a hot mess of awesome and miserable.

I kind-of feel like I’m back there again… sans dirty diapers, 3 a.m. feedings, and post-birth cramping.

O.K. It’s not been as hard as bringing home a newborn, BUT STILL.

I’m not going to list off what has or has not been happening. I know I am not the busiest, nor the stressed-est.

But busy and stressed are certainly words I would use.

And exhausted.

Dear mercy.

I made me exercise 3 days in a row just so my exhausted would feel more *earned*, and now I am exhausted AND sore.

RATIONAL is not a word I would use to describe my life the last number of weeks.

Here’s a wrap-up:

We have a puppy. Kevin is adjusting.


Lucy turned 8.

Happy birthday! 8 Years old!

I wore green.


My dad is a rockstar at triple bypass recovery. It’s hard to tell which one of us was recovering…

family in hospital

Olivia did GREAT at her choir concert.

choir concert

We had a surprise visitor too… His name is Russ. Flat Russ… Lucy and I took him to the gym, Target, and to lunch at Central Market…

flat stanley

And at the typing of this post, I’m in Dallas for BLISSDOM! It’s like a bouquet for my heart. But have I ever told you I hate flying???

I am scared of flying

How about my husband… I’ve just talked about me. That man is a saint. A quiet, unrecognized SAINT. He has been really holding down the fort in all of this and I am a blessed woman to have hooked up with that guy for all my life.

Last but not least….

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