Hey hey! Thanks for coming by! I’m Jenny and I am on the spot! Ish. Depending on the day.

Jenny On the Spot // Silly Girl
Or time of day…

In addition to the sparkling and lallering I do around here (oh… 4-6 days a week), I sparkle and laller in other spots too – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a little place they call YOUTUBE. Feel free to click through and make sure I am not telling a tall tale!

Speaking of SPOTS…  I do offer sidebar advertising! $50 per month for 300 x 300 ad below the search bar on my main page and single-post pages. $25 for one that measures 300 x 125. If you are a blogger and or etsy/hadmade seller, there is a 30% discount in it for you! Please email me at jennyonthespot [at] gmail [dot] com for questions or orders.

If you are looking for a review or giveaway Jenny Style… please drop me an email (or fill out this contact form) sharing your idea or request a media kit for other pricing. Please bear in mind, I post reviews sparingly… and only products I think are really neat or feel are of particular interest to my awesome readers.

Peace and Sparkles!

– Jenny (on the spot)