Oh Sure… She LOOKS innocent Enough.

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don't trust her with your secrets

Lucy brought home the Christmas present she made at school. She was SO eager for me to open it.

It KILLED her to keep the secret… She needed a release.

Mama. Mama. Mama… It is very delicate and it is something you hang on the tree.

How vague, Lucy. I wonder what it could be. *eyes cross*

I told her we could open it when daddy got home from work. Clearly, this would not wait until Christmas.

An hour later, she was crawling out of her skin. She leaned toward me. Her nose almost touched mine. Her eyes made firm contact with my own… and I felt her warm breath on my face as she gave another “clue”…

It starts… …. … … with OR… NA… MENT.

Hours later, and I still can’t stop laughing.



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