Oh Snap. Wednesday was Yesterday.

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I sat down.

I remained sitting.

With my laptop.



And started on a “Wordless Wednesday” to post for tomorrow.

But tomorrow is Thursday, which will be today if you are reading this on Thursday… If you do not read this on Thursday, then you are perhaps reading this on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

That would be my best guess(es).

And what was going to be “Wordless Wednesday”, appears to have become a “Wordless Wednesday on Thursday”.

Ummm… actually “Wednesday on Thursday” would be a more accurate title. And that sounds a lot like a potential adult movie title. I will not Google that.

Anynowhoos… I already typed the title in, and I do not have the wherewithall to scroll up and change it… Mostly on account of the fact I am all distracted by the wordiness of this originally intended wordless post.

On all the earth, Jennifer.

And I don’t call me “Jennifer” very often. This must be serious.

I do have a picture!

The picture I would have used on Tuesday to schedule for a “Wordless Wednesday” post.

And I wonder… knowing me, would it have been wordless?

*deadpan stare*

Because I would have wanted to explain my picture:

wordless wednesday

See? That’s a picture of the dashboard of mah blawg. It’s wordless.

Like, literally. I stared at that blasted screen… nary a word to type…

So I took a picture.

Clever, ehh?

Or nuts.

I really don’t know that I am the one to make that call… I don’t even know what day it is.


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