No stoppin’ her.

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Behind those blue eyes live a mind and heart of great determination.

Power to do good. Power to do NOT good. Power to do just about anything she sets her mind to. I adore this about my little girl. And also fear it.

We hit the local pool recently. In order for Lucy to be able to go down the slide, she had to pass a swim test. A test both her older brother and sister had passed.

Game. ON.

She was so disappointed when she saw the length she’d have to swim to pass the test. “That’s too far, Mom.”

I told her we’d work hard and in a month I KNEW she’d be able to make it the length of the test.

A month? Silly mom.

On our next visit she said, “Mom. I want to take the test.” I figured there was no harm in trying. My son (big bro) was concerned… “Mom. I don’t think she’s ready… I’ll stay close. Just in case.” I reminded him the lifeguard was right there, but he didn’t want to risk it. He’s worse that her mother *wink*.

Here’s the deal. Lucy is SKINNY. There’s a reason I have always been good in the water – I have LOTS of flotation aid *ahem*. Lucy? All bones. HEAVY bones. There is no scientific reasoning as to how her little body doesn’t just sink. She has no fat to keep her afloat. None.

Aaanywho. The lifeguard said, “Go!” And she went. And went. And went. And went. And went. And went.

And went.


Giggled and giggled and giggled and then giggled some more.

She was so proud, so excited… At one point I was a bit worried, “Lucy, quit giggling! You’re gonna sink silly girl!”

But she didn’t.

Nope. She’s not a sinker. Not this one. Go, Lucy, Go… Keep making your dreams a reality, baby.


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