My Own PSA on Businesses that Make Profile Pages

by | Mar 4, 2011 | Social Media & Tech | 28 comments

I am so tired of getting friend requests from businesses on Facbeook (AND BLOGS). I am irritated… INCENSED even. Hitherhencetofore, a video PSA in which I explain why. I also use the word “stupid”. I may seem harsh, but I am will to stand by my own side if fire comes from this. And I do have an alter-ego, so standing by my own side is entirely possible…

One time recently, when had a local business try to “friend” me on Facebook, I took a bit of time from my day to compose a helpful (I never used the word “stupid”) message… encouraging them and outlining the reasons why it would be better for them to set-up a fan page. I added I’d “friend” the business owner (an acquaintance), but not the business. I’d “like” the business, but not “friend” it.

Friends… I really want my local business people to do well in this space… and I wanted to “like” them. I am a huge fan of supporting local business…

You wanna know what?

I never. Heard. Back.

Currently, that business is married… to a very lovely woman (which I already knew). But the strange thing is, I didn’t know that kinda stuff was legal is Washington state… for people to marry businesses and such.

You see, there are a lot of ways for a business to not look smart. But with my very helpful information here, this is one area businesses can rest-assured they will look savvy. It’s very easy —-> Business + Facebook = Fan Page


In the words of Megan McGlover, “I love you long… I love you strong… Just don’t be stupid.”


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