My Name Is Jenny

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It’s been a little crazy around here.

Emphasis on “a little” actually meaning “a lot”.

{These are not my post-its. I need a post-it to remind myself to get more post-its, but I am out of post-its, so…}

post its

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Today, as I opened my laptop for the millionteenth time, I couldn’t remember why I was opening said laptop.

This happens a lot. The forgetting. The not remembering: Why I went upstairs.. words I want to use… that I am hungry and despite my thick winter coat I need to eat.

At least I know my name. Read on…

In an effort to center… in an effort to begin the task I was so intent to begin… I found myself going back.


No. Backer.

I spoke outloud. To myself. In the car. By myself.

with my by myself

Yes. My laptop was in the car. I often work in my car… with my by myself…

No time to waste, people. The bus runs the latest when I have the most to do, and no tools to do it with.


So. I opened my laptop and could NOT remember what I needed to do. I thought to me, I thought, “Focus Jenny. Fo. Cus.”

And I blurted:

“My name is Jenny.”

I looked at my reflection in the window and said to me, “Did I just say my name is Jenny?”

I looked at my reflection in my rear view mirror, “I told me what my name was.”

“And I am talking to me.”

Buuuuuuut… it worked.

Just like someone with a head trauma, I had to make sure I knew the most basic of answers…. my own name.


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