My Girl

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From this…

prego to this…

I can do my hair by myself!My. Girl.

6 years old.

I am dumbfounded. My baby is 6. No more preschool. No more diaper bags. No more teething toys…

But you are still waiting for that first tooth to fall out.

Lucy collage

You are SO full of life. So creative. So driven. So carefree… yet opinionated.

“Lucy” means “light”. And you, my darlin’ are just that. A light.

I thank the Lord everyday for the gift I have been given in you. You came as a surprise that shook my foundation. We think we know what is best for our lives, and then God steps in. And blows our minds.

God blew my mind when He chose you to be my daughter. When I watch you I am reminded of the things that matter… the things that are truly important. When I watch you, I see what is important to God. He is teaching me about Him through you… Your excitement. Your passion. The things I would never see without you…

I appreciate life and recognize blessings more because of you. You have changed me. You have softened me. You have driven me out of my ever-lovin’-mind — Every. Single. Day. of the past 6 years.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

I look at you and I see God’s very hand on my life. Perhaps that is selfish… making your life all about me…

Lucy and mama

But probably not. Because when I see how you bring joy to others… I see God’s hand in their lives too.

I pray your heart will continue to move in the path of bringing and giving joy. I pray against the things that would come as foe or discouragement in this path. I pray the light in you will continue to beam in a world that overflows with heartache and tragedy. I pray your heart is moved to help and love always. I pray nothing stands in the way of your ability to make a difference. Not others and not yourself… Exactly HOW you will change the world, I have no idea. But it will be creative and it will be lovely. I am your Mama… I know you and I know what you are capable of.

Which brings me to another point, my Lucy… I am pretty sure you are capable of picking up your messes, so… let’s get crackin’, sister.

Now. Can you please tell my why I found THIS hidden in your closet?

What was she going to make with THIS?

And also, You are not allowed to tell your brother big brother things like, “You have poop in your pants!”

Yes, with a great personality, comes great capacity for goodness or for poopyness. Let’s focus on that good stuff… though I know being the littlest sister can be tough sometimes…

I LOVE YOU, my daughter.

I love you madly, deeply and wildly.

BIG hugs and sweet kisses,

Your Mama…

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