Mr. and Mrs. Independent

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My Huz and I had a little conversation today yesterday. Time flies, no?

We talked about our independent spirits… if you will.

Basically, we both have a hard time with not being in supreme power delegation. We both agree, it is a pain in the butt to have to coordinate with others. It feels like more work to share decision-making.

It’s not that we are lazy, it’s that we are in a hurry. Not to mention, we both like being the boss. Takethatasyouwill.

I am anything but co-dependent. Unless it comes to the trash. I co-depend on him to take the garbage to the road. Our drive is steep and 2 football fields long plus 100 feet. I am smart enough to know when delegation is smart… and the lawn. I co-depend when it comes to mowing the lawn too.

Not that I CAN’T do these things… it’s that I am so sweet and dainty. Demure, even…

Shut up.


Mid convo, I blurted, “So THAT is why We are so great together!”

It seems we are so consumed by our own projects and roles and whathaveyou, that we are both thankful neither is uber-needy/co-dependent/cling-ish. I can leave the man for 5 days and he’s right as rain. Whatever THAT means.

He can climb deep down into his man-cave and it’s fine – I haz gots things to do… and I’m not talkin’ laundry, yo. Though I do have that to do, but that is not the to-do I am talkin’bout heeya. I have a blog. So…

Though we do LIKE to spend time together, even LONG to spend more time together… we have come to a place where it’s not personal that we are not each others’sses (???) shadow.

And the time we DO co-depend? Well… It’s magical…

Unashamed[photo cred: Mark Gsellman]

Wait. Here’s the picture I was looking for:

Hubs and Me[photos cred: Scott Snyder]

We are like Captain and Tenille! Wait… Wilma and Fred! Wait… Debbie Boone and Aaron Neville!

You Light Up My Life from Jenny Ingram on Vimeo.

Nitro and Glycerin? Wrong and Wronger???

*A special thanks to Scott Bue for capturing this on video. And to all the people at Lisa’s party – first my huz as Aaron Neville then in Michelle’s disco outfit. I am still shaking my head… A night to never forget, indeed… And a night to wash-out one’s ears and, and then one’s eyes…

Baby. I co-depend on you. Sometimes.


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