The One Year Anniversary of The Monday Minute (or two)

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Hello friends!


It is the one year anniversary of The Monday Minute (or two).


Where has the year gone? Out of the last 52 Mondays of this last year, I only missed two of them.

That’s kind-of a big deal. For me. I am a person who is FULL of grand intentions so to actually hit such a milestone, I can’t help but feel proud of us.

Yes US.

So many of you kept me going. Even filming this last one…

It’s not always easy to make sure this little project gets done weekly. Sure… there’s the issue of time. But this week’s video was not an issue of time. It was an issue of heart. And that is a discovery in this process I have made. It is hard to be up when you feel pretty darn low.

Sometimes I feel like a fraud. I turn my outside frown upside down, while the frown is alive and well tucked deep down inside. The thing is, in the process of forcing a smile, it helps me… if only for a minute (or two). It helps me to escape the burden and/or heaviness of whatever is weighing me down. It has been good for me because it means I have had to hit “pause” on my wallowing.

I hope this weekly effort has also provided an escape for you if you have needed it. I’m not teaching any skills. Or giving any life hacks that will make your life better. But maybe you get a little laugh. Or maybe your tired mind gets a break from the hamster wheel.

Maybe that’s just my mind.

I pushed on this to get this week’s video out for those reasons. Plus, this week, I get to give something(s) fun away! Things I have collected over time that are lighthearted and non-essential. Wish I could ship a cake to the winner too, but I can hardly keep a cake intact when it’s just sitting on my own counter 😉

To enter, just follow the Rafflecopter prompts. You MUST submit a blog post sharing how you can make the day of someone else better, and there are a couple other entries you can add to beef-up your odds of winning.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to those who choose to spend a few moments to enter. I hope each of you find delightful moments hidden in the hours ahead…

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