Monday Mingle: My favorite song, other answers and a burp.

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new flower

That’s my new flower pin.

It’s almost as big as my head.

It has nothing to do with this post.

I just wanted to show you.


A new video blog! Thank you to Eighty MPH Mom for having questions so I would have something to vlog about! I’ve been trying to jump in on this party for awhile and I finally sat myself down on the floor of my bedroom to do it.

Monday Mingle
You see, friends… vlogging doesn’t take fancy… it just takes the commitment to sit down and do it. And maybe it takes someone putting together a mingle. I needed a little inspiration. Questions about me inspire me.


Now. For winning:

I am giving away a ticket to Bloggy Boot Camp Seattle here. YES. Believe that!

A children’s book giveaway!!! Super Blake and the Cavity Monster – here!

Hi, I'm Jenny :)

Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

I'm on the spot!

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