The Mom Blog to Money Blog Online Workshop by Tip Junkie (with GIVEAWAY!)

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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed!

I get asked often about the money-side of this blogging thing. For advice/tips/thoughts/recommendations… I sometimes share links or little golden nuggets I have picked-up along the way, but I’ve never had the time to create a curriculum and divulge all my hard-learned lessons over a cup of coffee. Or several.

And on another note, I don’t really consider this area of blogging my “gift” – the business side of blogging. I am a creative, not a business person. Yet I kind of have to be. That is why I am thankful for the gals who DO have a mind for business and share it.

Mom Blog to Money Blog Workshop

Recipe for Success!

(This is the tool I will be recommending to those who invite me to coffee, to “pick my brain” about blogs and monetization.)

The Mom Blog to Money Blog online workshop by Laurie Turk (Tip Junkie) gives members a lifetime ALL Access Pass to what you need to know to make money online. It gives you the flexibility of learning at your own pace, without traveling, and anytime you want!

In The Online Workshop You’ll Learn:

How to set your blog up for success from top to bottom. Including how to brand, make money, create community, and generate traffic through the different zones of your blog.

27 different ways to make money with your blog. Laurie also gives her “anatomy of a blog post” formula with a template that makes SEO look like a piece of cake.

Easy ways to increase your traffic automatically and turn your blog into passive income. This way you can become known for what you make, say, or do

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