Mom 2.0 Summit

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This was me the first morning at Mom 2.0 Summit… all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Excited much?

Clearly, and with good reason. It was the stuff dreams are made of — time away from the kids, time away from the kids, rooms-ful of women (and a few men) talking social media, talking and talking and talking, laughing and laughing and laughing, sharing ideas and knowledge, meeting people I have adored for a long time… and meeting new people to adore!!!

I got to pretty much sew seeds of connection with countless People of Awesome. For instance, my roomies:

My Mom 2.0 Roomies sans Rachael

Awesome Holly of Kids Activities Blog, Awesome Laurie of Tip Junkie, Awesome Amy of Mom Spark, Awesome Jyl of Mom It Forward and bringing up the rear… Awesome Me . Our other roomie, Awesome Rachael of Todays Mama was off creating her own Awesome outside of our Awesome group picture.

Awesome, huh? Told you.

Then there was Awesome Rachel, who is probably one of the sweetest and warmest people EVAH. On earth. Ever. I really do come across as a stalker, don’t I? I don’t care. Love. Her. And I must share it with the world!

Speaking of love… Amy… Awesome Amy. Sister material here. I told her recently that if I wasn’t married and we weren’t both girls, I’d totally marry her:

#shine and #love

Am and Are.

Awesome Holly. Oh HOLLY!!! I knew she was Awesome, but I had no idea we were so kindred in passion and laughter and more laughter. This woman…

Why are we so blurry? On account of trying take pictures while laughing and on a moving bus! You don’t even know.

OH!!!! Awesome Laurie!!!! This girl! I just… a passion for accessories, in the morning she had us play music while we got ready and her laugh just invites you in. I wish I had a pic of her  with one of her cool hair do-dads! But I prefer her pic to be with me anyway 😉

And my Awesome Jyl… I learned so much just listening. That girl has a mind and drive. A smart one, that girl… and FUN! Cute, fun AND smart?! Not fair! And she connected me with my roomful of Awesome at Mom 2.0. You get glitter for life Jyl… glitter for life.

And then there was my reunion with Awesome Esther! We met at BlogHer ’08. She is just as sweet and delightful as I remembered…

And I cannot forget Awesome Andrea! You know there are just people you dig on… she is one of “those” people. I am not a stalker, I am not a stalker…

And there was my missing roommate Awesome Rachael in the top group picture in this post. As I look through my treasures, I realize I have no picture of the two of us together. I think that is the only NOT Awesome thing to come out of this conference. I say Boo! Gonna have to fix that. EVO much?

These are merely a handful of The Awesomes. Sometimes we were too busy talking to get our pictures on… sometimes I was too afraid to ask if I could get a picture. A REAL stalker wouldn’t have that little check. I am only half-stalker.

For example. Awesome Jenny (a.k.a. The Bloggess). Somehow… it happened that I ended up with her camera while she sat as Czar of Nothingness and saved the life of a baby while speaking at the conference. A modern day hero, that woman… and also czar. 

Anywho. I never asked to take a picture with her, though I DID have her camera in my possession. She totally woulda – she’s cool like that. But INSTEAD I did what ANY half-stalker would do – I took a picture of HER camera on MY lap!

Genius much?

I know. It’s like I’m 13 and eating lunch in the bathroom again.

She did ask me to take pictures with her camera while she was on the panel, so I did. Along with pics of her, I am pretty sure I snapped one or two up my nose, and possibly up @texasholly’s nostrils as well. I am not sure, but it is highly likely. 



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