Maybe she’ll be a photographer!

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My Lucy.

She’s my little buddy.

And sometimes my little nemesis.

And a mini-me. If I could find that one picture of me when I was her age, I would totally show you how twin-like we are. If you talk to my mom, she would testify that I drove her just as crazy as Lucy drives me.

Mom. I appreciate you. And I apologize.


Not too long ago I needed a picture of my teeth. I tried to do it myself, but… not so much. No one was home but Lucy. She’s 6. I figured she couldn’t do any worse than short-armed me.

“Hey Lucy! Can you take a picture of Mama?”


Her tiny hands coupled with determination held that beast of a camera like a pro. I may need to hire her:

Lucy's pic of me

Then I she asked if I would take a picture of her.


Little Lucy

We have the same smile. I love that.

And those freckles… She knows she keeps those angels busy… always kissin’ on her nose.

But she’d really love to lose a tooth. She’s ready for a visit from that tooth fairy!


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