Make We Laugh Monday – The Children

by | Oct 4, 2010 | Lucy | 4 comments

childrenYa know… so much of the popular funny stuff out there is rather, well… offensive. Bad language, gross sexual innuendo, or most unfortunate – hurtful to specific people groups.

I’ll admit it, I have laughed at some that stuff. I have cringed at some of that stuff. And I have even passed on clips or articles to friends.

But when I take a moment. If I pause and think… the most deeply funny “stuff” is born from the innocent – le kids.

Their literal minds. Their simple filters as they take in experiences. Their matter-of-fact way of telling things how they really are… calling-out the adults in all our hang-ups and judgments.

Just yesterday my 5 year old was outside with my husband. She was sitting on a log. She was wearing clothes that were clean at the start of the day, but not at the mid of the day… because she is my daughter. She lives full-on. Her face was bore signs of the chocolate-frosted cupcake she had eaten an hour or so earlier, as did her clothes. Her nails were filled with dirt and her hair… our constant reminder that static electricity is ever-present.

My husband told her, “Honey. Don’t sit on that log. You’ll get all messy.”

Lucy looked at her dad. I’m sure she was a little confused. Adults are so weird sometimes… And she said to him, with her arms out… so as to show the mess has already been made…

Daddy. I don’t CARE!

i don't care!

Kids… they get all messy. Adults… we make messes. Those are two very different approaches to life.

I’m kinda thinkin’ maybe we need to get a little more messy…


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