Make Me Laugh Monday (a vlog): My girl…

by | May 30, 2011 | Animals & Pets, Lucy, Video | 6 comments

Lucy. She cracks me up. She keeps me laughing.

My girl

She also keeps me on my toes.

One day last week I took a shower (I didn’t take a shower ONLY 1 day last week, but whatever…). When I came out I found wrapping and printer paper across the living room… crayons and glue sticks… colored-on paper glue-sticked to the wall… the back-side of colored-on wrapping paper glued-sticked to the floor… glue stick stripes on the stair way wall… the eventual home for more colored-on paper.

You see, Lucy has a little friend she wants to have over. She was preparing for her hopeful playdate. She wanted to decorate the house to look…



But can I blame her? I know how it feels to want to impress one’s friends with one’s decorating skillz…

I was sorting through some pictures the other day. I found a series of pictures of Lucy and me (with a short video), and decided to wrap it up with a bow, in a manner of speaking. Kevin also makes an appearance.

That dog.

I love spending time with my little dynamo.



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