Love Drop: The Smallest Deed is Better…

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…than the grandest intention.

I love this quote. Probably because I am a grand-intender by nature. But when I fall short (or FAIL) of accomplishing what I intend… long story short… discouragement bamboozles me, and I do nothing.


Not the big… and not the small.


That blesses no one. Not others. Not me… I believe giving and loving is not just a blessing to those who receive, but to those who give. My bondage to “grand intentions” has more than once robbed handfuls of blessings that could have been sprinkled or poured like mad.

That Oprah. She can be grand. And what a blessing her ability to be and do grand things has been! However, most of us, individually… cannot give like she can.

Enter Love Drop.

love drop

Love Drop is a community where we can combine our smallest deeds (or biggest), so we can together fulfill some grand intentions, yo! It really does take a village…

Love this.

Love. Love the Love Drop.

This month Love Drop is looking to raise $13,000 to help cover the costs of placing and training a highly skilled service dog with the family through the 4 Paws for Ability organization. Visit and read this It Starts With Us blog post for more information on this specific effort. So far, the Love Drop community has raised just over $5,100. We have (yes, I just wrote WE *I’m looking at US, dear friends*) until the end of February to meet this goal.

My friends, for the record… this is not some “cause” I landed upon in my internet stalkings perusings. I was blessed to have met this dynamic team of do-gooders, and it is with sincere heart I recommend getting involved with Love Drop… Be it just for this one need… Or next month’s need… or FOR INFINITY?!

Or… Do YOU know of a need? You can go here to find out more about nominating someone.

Of the people. By the people. FOR the people.

Wanna see a picture? I photo bombed a picture with a couple members of the Love Bomb/Drop A Love Bomb team… Lauren and J. Money, while at Blissdom… They were very nice to me.

AwesomesStarstruck Me, Mat Kearney, Lauren Lankford, Michele Branch, J. Money, Jennie Sanford

autograph? Here I am stalking standing near Nate St. Pierre. He’s giving me his autograph.

I’m kidding.

He was probably just making a grocery list.

Orrrrrr, he could have been writing an S.O.S.?

I can be a little over-glitterybearing…

I digress…

But seriously, folks. Seriously. Check out Love Bomb.

{Photo cred: Angry Julie Monday… without her… there’d be almost no proof I went to Blissdom.}


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