Losing teeth and doing taxes

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Oh man. It’s been busy.

You been busy?

I bet you have you busy, busy bee, you! You have probably been busy hiking or finishing holiday snacks or napping or stalking old high school nemesiissses on Facebook. Or maybe you’ve been busy doing taxes or something fun like that.

Crap. Taxes.

Aaaanywho… In an effort to break the relative silence from here the last several days… I bring to you an offering of my last born.

Well, a picture.

Because, OF COURSE of all the things you have been doing, “Look at another picture of Jenny’s kids” was on your list. Right?

I thought so.

Lucy has had QUITE the impressive snaggle tooth for a great many weeks. She would ask almost daily for her dad to pull it. I tried once and almost threw up. Furthermore and thushence… each time my husband would try, I’d have to walk away and hide my gagging.

I am a terrible mother.

But Lucy.

And that snaggle tooth.

It’s gone! It was ready. It needed to be ready because heven help me it was a ghastly, dangly mess.

But then I was really sad because I am emotional wreck of a woman and… my baby! Her baby teeth days are numbered! I love her tiny Lucy teeth. I will miss all those tiny Lucy teeth…

lost front tooth

She is so cute she makes me ache.

On the other hand she also makes me gag. She thought it felt really cool to shove her tongue through the gap AND NOT STOP. And that made me get gaggy…

tongue in gap

I know.

I have a problem. My poor kids.

Actually, poor me. My kids are learning how to use this weakness in their favor.

They think it’s funny.



Happy New Year?

Oh, OK…. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Peace and strong gag reflexes to all!


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